By Hyrum W. Smith
Co-founder/former CEO FranklinCovey
Bestselling author of “The 10 Natural Laws of Time and Life Management”, “The Three Gaps” and “You Are What You Believe”

Winston Churchill has always been one of my heroes. A defining moment in my life is when as a young man, I heard him speak in London. I have shared this moment of mine many times before, but I would like to again because it is relevant to this book. As I listened to Churchill speak towards the end of his life, he indicated that he had been obsessed with the need to make a difference on the planet.

If anyone has made a difference in this world, Winston Churchill has. He probably saved the free world during World War II. As I listened to him speak that day, his words entered my heart and lit a flame. It was as if a baton had been passed to me that day and I decided, “You know what? I’m going to make a difference too.” Read More…

How You Can Be Happier

“A quick read, minded with insight, personal reflections, and opportunities to think about getting more out of your life through learning to trust yourself, stemming from the biblical imperative of “know thyself.” You can be happier, feel more confidence, and experience greater success taking to heart Instinctology®.”

Barry Z. Posner, PhD
Co-Author, “The Leadership Challenge”

Accolti Endowed Professor of Leadership
Dean (1997-2009) Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

The Benefits of Listening To Your Gut

“How strong is your intuition? Likely, stronger than you realize. This quick read will help you not only recognize these signs, but learn how to listen more closely to the ones that are subtler. We have these feelings, yet often miss or ignore them and to our detriment. IN = Intuition, Inkling, Inspiration, Inner voice, INSTINCTOLOGY®!”

Mary-Jo Kovach
Vice President, Pearson, Inc.

Prosperity and Healing the Soul

“After over forty years of pastoral and family counseling, I have learned to trust my GUT, but never had the right words or concepts to understand more deeply what was happening inside me. I am thankful for Instinctology®. As a counselor, coach, and psychologist, Roben’s book has given me the insights I need to make wise and right decisions from the inside out. This is a must read for anyone facing tough decisions, internal conflict, or wanting to heal relationships from the inside out. Instinctology® is more than a book; it’s the beginning of a movement toward soul health!”

Dr. Larry Keefauver
Bestselling Author and International Teacher

Instinctology® Provides Valuable Insights

“I loved the message — trust your gut. Roben tells compelling stories that illustrate the premise of her book, Instinctology®, A Leadership Method to Turn GUT Instincts into Concrete Action. In my experience as a leadership development practitioner, I agree that it all starts with the gut — good, gutsy leaders are clear on their personal values and trust their instincts. She closes each chapter with terrific quotes… Some from my favorite writers like Victor Frankel, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and others that are a bit of a surprise like Alice in Wonderland and Larry Keefauver. I gained some valuable insights and aha’s with this book, and will give a second thought to the next time I start to brush someone or something away that I feel — in my gut– I really shouldn’t.”

Jeni Nichols
Former President and Founder Sonoma Leadership Systems

LEAD2016-Top Partner

Practical Empowerment with Instinctology®

“Through inspiring stories, examples, and practical suggestions, Instinctology® deftly illustrates how to achieve success in all areas of your life by following your instincts. The thought provoking questions and exercises Roben includes in her book are useful tools for anyone wanting to change their lives by practicing and mastering how to tune into, trust, and act upon their instincts. I will recommend this intriguing book to my clients.”

Karen Cottengim
Founder | Career Guide

TRUE NORTH Career Strategy